KILLERPILZE POSTKARTEN EP (Release: 05.06.2014, gratis)

KILLERPILZE       POSTKARTEN EP (Release: 05.06.2014, gratis)We are currently mixing 5 songs for the upcoming release of a free of charge EP for artist KILLERPILZE, produced and recorded by Markus Birkle


VON WEGEN LISBETHWe're working with a new promising band named "VON WEGEN LISBETH" produced and recorded by Robbie Stephenson @ Vandertone Studios Berlin.

2 mixes for Charles Grant

2 mixes for Charles GrantWe're mixing 2 songs for new british artist Charles Grant.

ProTools 11, Mac Mini and Raven MTI

 ProTools 11, Mac Mini and Raven MTIWithin the next days, Ballsaal-Studios will be upgraded. We will end up having ProTools 11 on a Mac Mini and the Raven MTI from Slate Pro Audio. Can't wait working on this new setup:)

Paolo Spoladore CHAIRE YESHUA Vol 2

Paolo Spoladore  CHAIRE YESHUA Vol 2

Since March, 7th we're mixing a new album for Paolo Spoladore. Together with Paolo and producer / arranger Peter Hinderthür we'll finishing the mix on March, 25th.

Greg Calbi (Sterling-Sound) will master it on 03/27. 


Done ! MICHAEL SCHULTE Album MixDone :)

MICHAEL SCHULTE Album Mix 03.02. - 21.02.14

MICHAEL SCHULTE Album Mix 03.02. - 21.02.14Artist Michael Schulte (right) and producer Robbie Stephenson while approving a mix.


CIRQUE VALENTINSimon Beizai is mixing the new project of CIRQUE VALENTIN, joined by artist VALENTIJN and producer PAUL WILLEMSEN.