2023 - A new year has begun

2023 - A new year has begunThe first production we completed in the new year is a single mix for AnNa R., which will be released in February. Produced and recorded by Manne Uhlig, who also played the drums.
After that we mixed 8 songs for the Dutch act weiterlesen

Mix and Release Updates

Mix and Release UpdatesAfter our last blog entry in October, 3 more projects have been released: MOKA EFTI ORCHESTRA, album "Telegramm" in Stereo and Dolby Atmos, KENDRA & MARIE, single "Hear To Listen" and the first release from the album "Pseudopoesie" by Niels Frevert due in March 2023.

The Dolby Atmos version of "Telegramm" is our first release in this format, w...  weiterlesen



On 21.10.22 the single "Built And Broken" by Blackbird was released, which we mixed at Ballsaal-Studios.

In August we submitted the album ...  weiterlesen


TOM SCHILLING & THE JAZZ KIDSAt the moment we are mixing the new album of TOM SCHILLING & THE JAZZ KIDS. It was produced again by Moses, recorded by Ingo at Candy Bomber Studio, Berlin. Including the hall at Teldex Studio we try to create a homogeneous, spatial atmosphere for the whole album

2 mixes for act 'DIE SEILSCHAFT'

2 mixes for act \'DIE SEILSCHAFT\'Here you can see 'Keltner' & 'Bozzio' generating sound for one of the mixes of the band DIE SEILSCHAFT. Michael Nass, BAP-Keyboarder and member of the band DIE SEILSCHAFT is responsible for the photo, the recor...  weiterlesen


ZARTMANNZARTMANN ( Hannes Zartmann ) was at Ballsaal to mix his first 5 songs, produced and recorded by Aaron Lovac. ZARTMANN is managed by Christian Raab ( Haus2000 ).

MOKA EFTI ORCHESTRA - Recording at Bonello Studio

MOKA EFTI ORCHESTRA - Recording at Bonello StudioWe had a great time recording 5 new tracks for MOKA EFTI ORCHESTRA
In the team were the 3 composers Mario Kamien, Nikko Weidemann and Sebastian Borkowski (arranger) as well as sound engineer and ProTools operator    &...  weiterlesen

ALEX REEVES Drum Session at Hansa Studio 1

ALEX REEVES Drum Session at Hansa Studio 1After we had the opportunity to spend 5 days recording drums with 'ELBOW' drummer ALEX REEVES in the legendary Hansa Studio 1, we now have the honour to mix them.
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