Max Raabe and Annette Humpe

Max Raabe and Annette HumpeAlready in October we finished the upcoming album "Küssen kann man nicht alleine" of Max Raabe, produced by Annette Humpe  who wrote all songs and lyrics. Christoph Israel did the arrangements. 

BASCHI Mundart-Album 2010

BASCHI Mundart-Album 2010Baschi loves Berlin:) Together with his producer Philippe Merk he arrived at Ballsaal to mix his new album for Switzerland.Daniel Bongard is engineering assisted by Martin Schattenberg.

4 Songs with FARFARELLO and DIA

4 Songs with FARFARELLO and DIAMani Neumann and DIA of FARFARELLO have been at Ballsaal for mixing 4 tracks for their upcoming album produced by Joschi Kappl. The album will be finished around end of November. The mix was done in cooperation with Daniel Bongard.


AdoroWe`re about to mix two tracks for the upcoming album of Adoro.

Baschi Single- and Charitysong Mix

Baschi Single- and Charitysong MixWe are happy to mix a charity Song for children and the first single of the upcomming Mundart Album of the swiss artist Baschi.

OCEANA Album Part 2

OCEANA  Album Part 2Starting today with the 2nd mixblock for OCEANA.

OCEANA album part 1

OCEANA album part 1Starting today with the first mixes for the upcoming album of OCEANA

Die Kommenden Tage

Die Kommenden Tage

This week we are mixing the score for the upcoming movie "DIE KOMMENDEN TAGE" composed by Christoph M. Kaiser and Julian Maas. Christoph is still working to give all tracks a finishing touch before it comes to mix.