MAX RAABE new album

MAX RAABE  new albumWe're working on a new album for Max Raabe.

2 weeks in NYC

2 weeks in NYCBecause of a 2 week stay in New York, work at Ballsaal Studios will continue around mid of June. We will then mix 2 songs for Mel Gaynor.

Babylon Berlin

Babylon Berlin

Nikko Weidemann and Mario Kamien did work together on "On Screen" music for the upcoming TV series BABYLON BERLIN. The Big Band tracks were recorded at Funkhaus Studio Saal 4 in Berlin. We finished mixing today. 

Het Pauperparadijs

Het PauperparadijsHere you can see happy guys after finishing an album mix.

Het Pauperparadijs

Het PauperparadijsTogether with Gerhardt Heusinkveld and Lavalu we're mixing the "soundtrack" for the music theater event "Het Pauperparadijs".

ECHO 2017

ECHO 2017AMK received twice an ECHO for: Band Pop National & Newcomer National. Congratulations!!!

The Sunpilots 2 Mixes

The Sunpilots   2 MixesAfter our basic recordings in Spain last year we're mixing now already 2 songs for the upcoming THE SUNPILOTS album.

FABER The Album!

FABER    The Album!Last week we started mixing the new album of FABER. produced and recorded by Tim Tautorat in Hansa Tonstudio 1.