new album of PAOLO SPOLADORE

new album of PAOLO SPOLADOREWithin the next weeks we will do recordings for a new album of PAOLO SPOLADORE. It'll take place in Hamburg and Italy, joined by Peter Hinderthür (production) and Simon Beizai (sound engineer)


DIE HÖCHSTE EISENBAHNAfter that terrific EP released last year, we start mixing their 1st album. Francesco Wilking und Moritz Krämer alias DIE HÖCHSTE EISENBAHN

A new album with Paolo Spoladore

A new album with Paolo Spoladore

Simon Beizai, Peter Hinderthür and Peter Schmidt are in Italy to record the first pieces of his next album. Further band recordings will take place in Hamburg, Orchestra and Choir in Berlin later in September and the mix first half of October at Ballsaal-Studios.

Project with MARK TAVASSOL

Project with MARK TAVASSOLThe next days once more we have the 2nd block with MARK TAVASSOL (Wir Sind Helden) and his interesting new project.


MISS PLATNUMAt the moment there is a new MISS PLATNUM song on the table.

Project with MARK TAVASSOL

Project with MARK TAVASSOLAnd once more we have MARK TAVASSOL (Wir sind Helden) here in BallSaal-Studios and he has a new Singer/Songwriter Project up his sleeve.


BLIGGMix of the new album by BLIGG


SCARLET MAEThe mix session for a new album by SCARLET MAE has begun.